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this is based in a day and age where you can put your mind into virtual reality.
more in the description.

list of outlines:
Powers that be
limit breakers
races of the civilized community

The Five spirit trees: Each planet of the intergalactic community has a spirit tree, that has only sprung up in the past century. through the veil they are linked to virtual reality and have caused it to become its own multi verse.( they all are pure blue, even the trunk.

The veil:A layer of material that replaced the ozone of the planet way back when. It has moving geometric shapes constantly moving over it and meshing to form other geometric shapes. It gives off an aurora like glow almost constantly and is an Azure blue.  every planet has a veil

Crystal towers- Through the combined efforts of Dio the creator of virtual reality and the Fae King, they made a system of crystal towers that monitor and control the veil and also provide energy and other unknown functions.

The Grand Spirit tree:In the sandbox, all the spirit trees combined into one being, forming a grand tree that can be seen almost everywhere. unsure of the colors so far( below is a description of what the sandbox is)

The Gardener: A god who tends to his Garden within the walls of Academia Arkadia

I believe I came up with a different name I liked more than crions)
Guilds in the golden apple saga

Crions-unicorn - Led by the Gladiaat Nuzu  

Xion-phoenix -unsure of the leadership

Ra- dragon-led by Dio , A Lolar

Chevalier-horse -sha-vall-lee-yay  -unsure of the leadership
main powers
Barbaroi- leaders are the seven deadly sins     - Bar-bah-roy

Noblesse-council of the 9 families headed by an Android/synthetic  being-  Noble lease

The Guild-Those who monitor and guide the economy by handing out quests.

School also known as AA

Academia Arkadia- everyone goes here to learn- the name under which the two sides of combat and magic are united

Arcana Famiglia- Guardians of the Temples of magic-teachers of the Arcane

Spartoi-Guardians of the Arena -teachers of combat- spar-toy
mid guilds
Crimson Glade-Guild for newbies and vets

Halal'bin-Assassins for hire - hah-lal-bin

Blood of the Fallen- Not really sure. maybe an ancient organization that battles the powers of darkness

Modes of power
Resonance of Souls-Soul gear amplification

soul gear is very rare, and when obtained is fused with the users soul. The attributes depend on the user.
the 12 families of the Noblesse
0-Akatha-mouthless , horned beings who use telepathy to speak-alien race. they also have a second set of arms, which is why they produce some of the best magic users - Ah-kah-tha

1-Kyridion-Hybrids, animals with the bodies of humans, the feet , hands and faces are animal-native race- Kai-rih-dee-on

2-Vanir-Humans who are space marines.  too help you envision, think of warhammer meets mandalorians, meets halo . there name is a play on victory and honor- Vah-nur

3.Darkaroh-beings of the Dark-native race-they wear armor to contain there curse and there bodies.- Dar-kah-row ( hard to describe, just wait for the art)

4.Luminarix-higher dimensional beings given form through the veil-alien race -Loo-mih-nar-ricks

5.Krystalesse-Crystalline life forms. the first spirit tree caused,plant life in the oceans to become sentient beings, which in turn began calling on the elements to form these beings-crystal-lease

6.Lolar-Dragon newts who came from space dragons that are an ancient universe hopping race-native and alien ( earth dragons) -Low-lar

7.Nefatis-the fae-native race -Neh-fah-tis

8.Laharls-Twilight beings who are related to the Loharim and Loharis-alien ( space dragons ) -La-harr-ruls

9.Faytari-beings with gems in their foreheads that dictate the color gradient of skin, other wise white or black skin, they also wear masks or headbands to cover there eyes-fay-tar-ree

not apart of the noblesse until after  A dance of swords arc
zodiark-  from hell, although really they are common residents all through lunin akaidis-Zo-dee-arc
(its difficult to explain what they look like so just wait for the art to come out)

not apart of Noblesse sometime after the Golden Apple saga-
Gladiaat-smallest family of the immortals who patron deity is the mother. A phoenix queen who because so powerful,exists in the multiverse. Some might say she is the multiverse.her vessel is sarah a dragon newt.-alien -glah-dee-ott

not apart of noblesse until after the Golden Apple saga
Phalaris-Mutants who with there powers have started a community in the wilds-native race --

although I say native, some come from different planets anyways
virtual Worlds -  

0-Sandbox-timeless zone where all worlds stemmed from. a marketplace, also for homes and pretty much other verses. All places exist within sandbox. People can use public space to create from there mind, but unless they pay for it, all will return to sand after the session is over. Players can rent private dimension in which they can create.

1-fantasy/steampunk-civilizations are thinned out into small villages and blue air threshold is low to medium. Resources are scarce and races fight amongst eachother. The Dark gods still rule in this era -this world is  class/skill and item based

2-scifi/fantasy-Civilizations are grand and have come together but live underground because of Wild gods running rampant who fight against Ragna the god killer who fight against the wild gods madness.the blue air threshold is high to godlike. There are also dragon riders who live in the floating cities. pretty much its a fighting game, that is dependant on power and technique

3-cyberpunk/mecha/modern scifi- the wild gods are no more. the civilized races have gone off world and live in space colonies that number amongst seed ships to space stations, mechas, colonists ships. all that scifi good shit .Ftl is available .
Gigantic god like monsters roam the world below and are battled by mechas.  Underground though are civlizations of races who were left behind, causing hybrids to come about unknown to the world before.  Blue air is gone replaced by Dark air which becomes black dust in concentrated form forcing the races to use technology.- this world is technology based.

4-player made worlds- player made, worlds that depend on the creator.

I havent made any cities for world 3 because there really only space ships and space ports for the civilized races.
Major cities-
Nabudis-world 1-Nah-boo-dees
Nall'meesh-world 1-  say mall with an N
Mitalofaches-world 2- Me-tah-low-fah-chess
Gaudilofikia- world 2  -Gwa-duh-low-fee-key-ah

Lunin Akaidis-the spirit realm -Loo-nin  Ah-Kai-diss

races: this list isnt complete and is subject to change
Abyssals- what happens when concentrated black dust takes over another race and assimilates them. It originates from the Abyss, a place of pure negative raw power without a mind to guide it.
Dragon newts ( google it if unsure. mine however are unique , but how wont be revealed, until the release of a short story)
CC-created consciousness
these two( the loharim and loharis, are my version of angels and fallen angels. Although slightly different)
The Fae- which I call Nefatis for reasons I will not disclose here.
Ages of a Dragons egg
This world was created by me at the age of eighteen, and I am in production of over 70 short stories that will support over thousands of years,of lore and legend. gods, mortals,immortals, legendary items. All free. 

Then I plan to release I think it was 10 books or so for the main storyline which is divided by Three sagas. The first is the "Golden Apple" saga which starts after "A dance of swords short story". Then there is "The Fae Princes Lamento", then there is "Ilusions of a Phoenix Kings pyre"
All these Fall into a collection of stories I have dubbed, "Ages of A Dragons Egg". all the names, have a definitive meaning that mirrors the story.
Please if you want to write a story involving my world or its facets, just ask and send me a link to it when its done. I would love to read it.  I will be putting up art for my world in months to come as well as 3d animation shorts. As well as short story updates. If you have any questions please do ask.

However the main story line within the Golden Apple saga will be based in a day and age where you can put your mind into video games and experience them as real life. It is in fact a multi verse.

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